Safety Procedures

B&B Safety Consulting can conduct a free safety assessment.  Based on the results,  B&B Safety Consulting will tailor your safety program.

Our Pricing Model

                               services & Products

B&B Safety Consulting provides a variety of safety services and products  to address your safety needs.  Contact us for a training assessment of your organization's needs. B&B Safety Consulting charges $100 per hour for our services. 


Safety Inspections

B&B Safety Consulting can conduct a mock OSHA inspection. Our consultant has OSHA related experience.  Our strategy is to identify potential violations while improving the safety of your workplace. 

Pre-qualification process

B&B Safety Consulting can assist your organization with the contractor pre-qualification process.  We can review the contractor's insurance and OSHA statistics.   B&B Safety can review the contractor's safety program and training materials.