This course reviews the safety procedures and OSHA requirements used to ensure machines are systematically shutoff and not operate until completion of maintenance or routine service.

Maximum class size 15 participants



This course discusses how to label, store, and train employees regarding chemical usage in the workplace.  This course meets OSHA requirements to provide hazzardous communication to chemicals in the workplace. 

Maximum class size 10 participants

Portable Ladder

This course meets OSHA's requirement to provide ladder safety training for employees.  It discusses how to inspect ladders, use ladders, build ladders and choose appropriate ladders.

Maximum class size 15 participants

slips, trips and falls 

This course discusses how to prevent the hazards and subsequent injuries that occur on walking and working surfaces.

Maximum class size 10 participants

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Training Courses

Fire Extinguisher

This  course covers the placement, use and maintain fire extinguishers. It will also discuss how to create and execute an evaluation plan in the event of a fire at the workplace.

Maximum class size 10 participants